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What's Happening Now

February 15, 2011 10:02 pm

this is a bunch of bs how do they expect us to support our family when all this happens these stupid rules will lead to more illegal stuff like drug dealing stealing and murders this isnt right everyone wants to make money off the driver fuel is already at a all time high brokers are trying to go down on freight and no one cares they think truck drivers are all ready at the bottom of every thing i have you know that this country runs off of truckdrivers people wouldnt have nothing no food no clothes no heat no energey no water no nothing so if they want to pass these stupid laws let them but i promise you the usa will be like egypt the people will take a stand and the people will get what they want just watch and see no wonder theres so many people on drugs and we have so many murders i think… more »

…thats the way the goverment wants it but i promise you when this takes place your going to see some mad truckers and it will efect the usa and the world the people have had enough of giving giving and more giving this is not a free country any more but its ok if we can just print up 325 billion dollars and give it away so our kids can pay for it and there kids i promise if this takes effect the usa will take back what was ours to start with do you think jesus would be like this oh i forgot i cant even say jesus can i well the goverment is not any good all they want is more money in there pocket i thought the new president was going to fix it well he has a lot of proving to do and hes running out of time we the truckers of america need to take a stand and do something and we will just watch and see i dont care if i loose every dime i got were going to take a stand and the affects will be felt world wide thats a promise « less
March 6, 2011 11:38 am

Yo Steve,its apparent we,cant fight these thugs>our government<,they have already shown that they are going to do what they want,so instead of wasting good breath,i think we should rally,they want to control us?fine put us on the payroll,like the postal workersetc<know what i feel?

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