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July 25, 2010 2:10 pm

I have been the victim of a scam by a major airline – in which they “cancel” an over-booked flight by changing its departure time by a few minutes, then involuntarily put me on a different (and less convenient) flight, with no notice and no compensation. Luckily, I showed up at the airport early and was able to make my “new” flight, which was a couple of hours earlier than my original.

They denied any compensation for my inconvenience, of course. And when I contacted DOT, they told me that I could submit a complaint, but that they did not enforce airline compliance to Federal Rules. Another time, I had booked a round trip to Europe and was notified by the airline that they had cancelled the return flight I had booked – “we’re not flying that… more »

…route that day of the week anymore” – well, they were at the time I booked the flight! As far as I am concerned, they had entered into a bargain when I booked the flight, and should be held accountable for keeping the bargain or providing compensation – I called, and they refused any compensation whatsoever – even though the “new” return flight would require my staying an additional night in Amsterdam (at $125 +), and an additional stop with long layover to get home.

I have two comments – one is that airlines be required to keep their end of a bargain made when a ticket is purchased, or be required to pay compensation. Simple as that.

The other comment is that DOT actually enforce the rules they make for airline operation. As far as I’ve been told, in the situations I’ve described, the airlines comply with rules at their own discretion. Sure, you can complain, but it does no good. I would like to be able to file a complaint with DOT and have some enforcement take place rather than having to go to court. « less

July 25, 2010 2:28 pm

I fully agree with nearly all the comments made here about baggage and other fees – and I know from having talked to them, that flight attendants hate the checked baggage charges too – it makes for delays in boarding times and a hassle for them to find room for all the carry-ons.

The airlines management – the suits with the spreadsheets – simply don’t care. The airlines are only one example of Corporate America, which in recent years feels free to thumb its collective nose at its customers. They know full well that their employees and their customers hate the baggage charges. They simply don’t care.

There should be no charge for one checked bag and one carry-on – with an additional item such as a purse or briefcase. ALL carry-ons should be compliant… more »

…with size limitations – which is not done now.

Also – when buying a ticket and selecting a seat – one some aircraft there are some seats that have some sort of box bolted to the floor supports on the seat in front, which greatly restricts the room you have to put a carry-on under the seat in front of you, even if it’s within size limits for carry-ons. When these seats are offered online, or through a travel agent – the airline should include the information: “restricted room for under-seat storage of luggage.” « less

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