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August 29, 2010 12:36 pm

Government travel is at a required place and time. Mt last trip to Ft. Irwin. My ticket was to Corona Airport in Califonir but by the time the agent figured it out, the plane was full (note that this wa a pprepaid Goventment ticket). I then drow home to wait for my office to open and figure out what happened. Confirmation was made that I had a seat on the fight. By this time I missed my original fight and all flights to my original destinatin were totally full. I was then offered a booking to Las Vegas which I accepted after the base agree to send a car and driver to pick me up in Las Vegas. I confirmed with the airline (United) that my return trip to California and Corondo On my return, after being driven by base car and drive and requiring the extra expense of a overnight in a hotel,… more »

…I arrive early the next day and was told that United had changed
my ticked to Las Vegas. This time there was room on a later fight for me. End of story is that it cost tax payers’ money for the airlines to not accommotate reserved government training. Solution is that USG travelers on businss should have guaranted seats. In addition, I missing my initial trainingg and had to pay for the extra overnight myself. Solution: airlines should pay for overnights asw the esult of their mistakes. Fortunately this is the worst example I can give..some third world ones are worse!. « less

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