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June 4, 2010 4:33 pm

Look folks, it is simple. Airlines can’t afford empty seats on expensive jets burning expensive fuel. If you increase their costs, they either have to reduce their overbooking or pay the extra fees. Either which way, they will lose more money than they already are losing. If they don’t overbook, there will be more empty seats costing them revenue. What will the result be? Higher fares, even higher change ticket fees (or stop allowing change tickets altogether and if you miss the flight, oh well), airlines going out of business (less competition & more unemployment). In the end, the airlines are NOT going to pay these fees. The customers pay these fees. EVERYTHING flows downhill. PERIOD! The low man on the pole always loses and make no mistake but the taxpayers and customers… more »

…are the bottom of the pole.

The rules should be simple. If you kick me off my flight, I should get a refund for that flight (not round trip) and be put on the next one at no cost. I’ve personally never been on a flight where people didn’t just volunteer based on the airlines’ attempt to bride passengers. « less

June 4, 2010 6:15 pm

Thanks for your comment. Do you think the airline should have a different policy for those for whom the trip will no longer be worthwhile now that their first flight has been canceled?

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