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March 16, 2011 5:31 pm

As a provider of GPS fleet management solutions the advantages of such a system are obvious. While return on investment will vary considerably depending on how individuals / businesses utilize the data, ultimately the benefits are certainly there. My argument is not with the regulation, rather the implementation. Having implemented many GPS solutions over the last several years I am aware of the investment numerous small and medium size companies have made. I work with businesses to find the solution that meets their objectives so I am familiar with several solutions. For the most part, businesses invested in GPS to ensure efficient dispatching, monitoring activity, and provide accurate customer service. The objective was not regulatory compliance as it was not mandated at time of purchase.… more »

…That now changes and in almost all cases my customers now have tracking devices that will become obsolete. Not in functionality, but in compliance. Where is their relief in the mandatory re-investment? Many have yet to reach ROI. As a new investment, I am not hearing much push back. However, for those that have recently invested in the technology but find their respective solution non-compliant is painful. It certainly provides transport data that satisfied their objectives at the time, but the providers did not intend for their market to be subject to regulations that require data that they are unable to capture.
There should be some credit available to those businesses that already have tracking capabilities. « less
April 6, 2011 6:13 pm

Hi Ron. Thanks for sharing your experiences, you raise a good point. Do you have an idea of how many businesses would be affected this way? Also, FMCSA is currently proposing that this rule would not go into effect for three years, do you think that would be long enough for these businesses to recoup their investments?

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