Rule Summary
This is the first in a set of proposed new federal regulations to address distracted driving by truckers, bus drivers, and other commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators. CMV drivers, including those required to have “commercial driver's licenses,” could face fines or operating disqualification if convicted of texting while driving. This rule would not affect talking on cell phones, or using devices like GPS or in-cab fleet management systems. (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plans to addess these distractions in future rulemakings.) Although ordinary drivers are not covered by FMCSA's proposal, all members of the public have a right to provide feedback on this rule. You can do that here in Regulation Room.

Risks of Texting & Level of Support for a CMV Texting Rule in General

No one challenged FMSCA’s assessment that texting is a highly risky type of driving distraction, although one commenter (affiliated with Truck Driver News blog) was critical of the VTTI study for including “near misses” in their risk calculations: a near miss is not an accident. The principal disagreement came over whether a texting ban for CMV operators was the appropriate government response.

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