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The proposed rule would require tire manufacturers both to obtain and report to NHTSA specific data for each replacement passenger car tire model covered by the program and to affix a paper label containing the required fuel efficiency, safety, and durability ratings on each tire sold as a replacement tire.

NHTSA proposes requiring tire manufacturers to report the following data for all tire models that are actually sold as replacement tires:

NHTSA believes these are the data that should be reported in order to ensure compliance with the new rating system and to help it assess the appropriateness of the rating formulae and tolerances.

NHTSA requests comments on how manufacturers should submit the data.  It proposes to develop a Microsoft Excel template that manufacturers could download, but is also considering development of an online submission system.  The agency requests comment on the feasibility of both options.

Because the Energy Independence and Security Act limits the proposed rule to only replacement passenger car tires (and excludes some kinds of tires within this category — see Kinds of Tires Covered),  NHTSA additionally requests comments on whether manufacturers should be required to report a list of all tire models and sizes that they claim are excluded from the rule.

NHTSA proposes requiring manufacturers to comply  with both the reporting and labeling requirements within 12 months of the issuance of the final rule.  Is this a sufficient amount of time?

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