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Future of UTQGS

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The Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS) is an existing tire information system, specified and enforced by NHTSA, to aid consumers in making tire purchases. Tire manufacturers must imprint the tires with relative performance data in three key areas: (1) treadwear; (2) traction; and (3) temperature resistance. The information is also on a paper tag attached to the tire. Consumers can find UTQGS information on every new tire sold in the United States.

NHTSA is concerned, however, that many consumers either do not know about the UTQGS or do not understand how to interpret the information. Studies conducted by the agency have shown that manufacturers and retailers know where to find the UTQGS and know what the numbers mean. Similarly, informed purchasers can locate the UTQGS markings and have a general idea how to interpret them. But the average tire consumer is unaware of the UTQGS ratings or doesn’t understand them.

Consequently, the agency is considering updating the UTQGS to make it more user-friendly. NHTSA seeks comments on how this system could be improved and made more user-friendly and accessible to all tire purchasers.

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