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Will Your Tires Be Covered By NHTSA's New Label?

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Will Your Tires Be Covered By NHTSA’s New Label?
Moderator, Nov. 18, 9:35 AM

Although Congress told NHTSA to come up with a consumer education program on tire fuel efficiency, it also tied NHTSA’s  hands when it comes to the kinds of tires that will be part of the new program.

Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) says that the new label and consumer information requirements may be applied only to replacement tires for passenger vehicles.   So, you won’t see the new consumer information label on the tires when you shop for a new car (unless a manufacturer adds the label voluntarilty).

for replacement tires, EISA carves out some important groups  from the new consumer education program:
•    Deep tread and winter-type snow tires
•    Space-saver or temporary use spare tires with a nominal rim diameter of 12″ or less; and
•    Tires for SUVs, vans and pickups that begin with the designation “LT” (light truck).

This means that about 21% of the replacement tires purchased each year won’t be covered by the new consumer label and ifnormation program.

Obviously, NHTSA can’t disobey the statute and try to require manufacturers to provide rating information and and consumer labels on tires that EISA excludes.  Are there ways that NHTSA could encourage manufacturers to cover these tires voluntarily?   Other ideas?

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