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Can Labels Help Prevent Buyer's Remorse?

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Can Labels Help Prevent Buyer’s Remorse?
Moderator, Friday, Nov. 20, 2009, 9:45 AM

Consumer research shows that most replacement tire purchases are unplanned and unresearched, made on the spot with help from sales staff at a garage or other tire retailer. Will consumers who need a quick fix for an unrepairable flat or tires too worn to pass inspection be able to access and understand information on the difference between various fuel efficiency, safety, and durability ratings?

Under NHTSA’s proposed consumer education program, tire retailers will be required to undertake a few simple measures to help disseminate the new ratings information.

First, the new ratings label must remain on the tire until the tire is sold. In addition to the ratings, the label will contain NHTSA’s web address, so consumers can look up more information on the ratings system, and on various tire models’ ratings online.

NPRM Tire Fuel Efficiency Figure 7

NPRM Tire Fuel Efficiency Figure 7

Second, tire retailers must display a poster from NHTSA that illustrates and explains the new ratings system and encourages consumers to compare ratings across tires.

Third, tire retailers that have a website would have to add to the new website being developed by the NHTSA, which would consolidate available information on tire efficiency and performances, as well as further educate consumers on the importance of proper tire maintenance.

Will all this actually affect consumer behavior? Should tire retailers be required to do more to help educate consumers on the ratings? Are there more effective ways to reach consumers than the methods NHTSA is currently planning?

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